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Modular LAF Units

Faster Unit modules are vertical laminar flow units providing Class ISO 3 according to ISO 14644-1 – which can be joined together to build up small to room size clean room environments. These LAF modules can be supported by stainless steel legs or suspended from the ceiling by means of eye-bolts positioned on top of each module.

Modules are assembled side by side or joined at the head to obtain the dimensions required. Heavy duty PVC strips provide side containment to guarantee optimum efficiency of laminar airflow.

They feature AISI 304L stainless steel construction, modular designs and a wide range of sizes to provide large working areas with vertical or horizontal laminar airflow.

The H14 HEPA/ULPA filters meet ISO Class 5 according to ISO 14644-1, and are protected by a washable polyurethane foam pre-filters.

Direct driven centrifugal fans are fitted with either electronic or autotransformer speed regulation, to compensate for progressive clogging of the HEPA/ULPA fìlter.